Shari's latest book: For The Right Kind of Love

Published by Shari Moss on Mar 29, 2021

"The kids at school were not as bad as the teachers when it came to treating me differently.” At the age of eight, Shari Moss lived in a single motel unit in the middle of the desert with her three siblings.... Continue reading

Is it possible to get ‘gracious’ service at Toronto’s airport? Ask Ronniea

Published by Shari Moss on Sep 09, 2019

I am at the airport, flying domestic, in the time of the morning that is no longer breakfast but not quite lunch. I need to find something light to eat but I don't care what they call it, just in the ... Continue reading

Are Your Customers Making YOU Pretentious?

Published by Shari Moss on Jan 30, 2019

As I was having a conversation with someone recently about one of the city’s best restaurants, ‘Best’ according to us loyal fans who know how spectacular the food AND the service is, it became clear to... Continue reading


Published by Shari Moss on Sep 21, 2018

“I want him to serve me every meal for the rest of my life…” The words rang out across the table during a very special evening of food and wine. A small intimate group out to celebrate a birthday, at ... Continue reading

We Need More Mikes In The World

Published by Shari Moss on Aug 31, 2018

You know the minute you walk into an establishment, the kind of place you have to step up to a counter, I mean you JUST KNOW you are going to receive very bad service. It’s the look on the face, the posture... Continue reading

Don’t Be Bigger Than Your Brand

Published by Shari Moss on Jan 15, 2018

Recently having spent time in beautiful Palm Beach, Florida, it is not hard to believe I had an experience that would end up in one of my blogs. Or, rather, two experiences. Worth Avenue. If you know ... Continue reading

Outdated Equipment, Outdated Service

Published by Shari Moss on Dec 21, 2017

For those of us that have been dealing with service ‘giants’ for more than a couple decades, be it privately or through business, it’s long overdue to take a close look at what has always been the norm... Continue reading

Making The Lessons Fit

Published by Shari Moss on Nov 20, 2017

A young man, with whom I have the pleasure of discussing yearly his work and progress, has left me with great inspiration which I must share with my readers. Justin is a 30-something Millennial, a graduate... Continue reading

Old Fashion Rules make New Fashion Sense

Published by Shari Moss on Sep 25, 2017

Visiting a local supermarket in a community in the South, I am reminded of a very impactful statement I wish to make to those on the current (new) path to success. There will always be room for the common... Continue reading

Be Torchy’s

Published by Shari Moss on Sep 20, 2017

Deep within the pages of my book Be Ready To Dance With Your Customer you will find a great story on one of the businesses worth mentioning. It’s a local taco place in Austin Texas, and, at that time,... Continue reading