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A thought leader and recognized expert in the world of Customer Service, Shari speaks to companies across all industries that want to build excellent relationships with their customers. Shari believes the leg up in organizations is dependent upon how well you, as a shopkeeper, as an employee or as a founder, can deliver on the promise made. This, she says, is accomplished through the fundamentals of impeccable Customer Service. In her high-energy, motivational, and engaging keynotes, Shari shares her insights on Customer Service and navigating change and transformation within organizations.

As a successful businesswoman, who has walked the talk, Shari also speaks to Women’s Groups across different industries and organizations. After many years of adversity in both her professional and personal life, Shari brings enormous insight and energy to her inspiring talks on women’s business leadership, and empowerment.

As a believer in bringing Millennials forth within their existing potential through collaboration and engagement with the older generations, Shari is bringing the work of her latest book TableTalk to the forefront. She has spent many years working with and really ‘listening to’ young people. Inspirationally, Shari engages with them in talks at Universities, Colleges and Businesses, offering and receiving beneficial knowledge based on experiences. Both Shari and her co-author Meghan Fitzpatrick, a very dynamic Millennial herself, believe the future belongs to us all, let’s get there together.
“Table Talk: Hearing the Silent Fear and Bridging the Gap”
"Morning Show August 30th - Scouts Canada - with Shari Moss"
"Guest Speaker - Shari Moss"

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Shari offers professional writing assistance and presentation services (i.e. support as an arm or extension of, or addition to) that cater to the needs of both businesses and individuals. Her expertise lies in helping to define and formulate messaging to help address groups in an engaging way in order to exceed the expectations of audiences. Shari has a niche for organizing complex ideas in an interesting, entertaining, simple, and concise style with the goal of connecting to audiences from a variety of backgrounds.

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As a Guest Speaker and Author, Shari believes that in business, nothing moves forward without the customer. Whether it is in-house or on-site assessments, training, or events, Shari combines her experience and expertise to help organizations build effective Customer Service training programs used for development and transformation. Shari has the ability to unassumingly engage herself into an organization’s everyday consumer business in order to identify and ultimately achieve noticeable change in their customer experience, wherever it may be required.

Through her work, Shari has helped business leaders and employees alike understand the benefits of great Customer Service and how their organizations must transform in order to deliver it.

Many of Shari’s insights and expertise appear in the popular Customer Service book, “Be Ready to Dance with your Customer”.

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Shari collaborates with businesses to support their initiatives, and capitalize on new opportunities using her diverse knowledge, experience and perspectives on success in business.

Most recently, Shari partnered with Q Café & Bakery, in Northern Ontario as the Co-Founder and Creative Director. She provided insights and education into the many ingredients needed to plan, start, and grow this business based on the hopes and dreams of the budding entrepreneur. Shari helped launch the business through her collaborative efforts in design, writing, customer experience, menu planning and marketing. As it grows and becomes increasingly successful, Shari cultivates a forward thinking attitude and is happy to be a part of its continued success.

Much of Shari’s time currently is spent in collaboration directly with Millennials, primarily in assisting them in understanding the power they hold within themselves to create the future they are looking for with respect to their career paths. Her workshops are based on defining aspects in themselves and looking more closely at, beginning with the importance of identifying and utilizing core values. Shari’s latest publication follows the path of Sam and Stella, among others, whom Shari has spent time with.

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“Vulnerability is an essential part of being successful, getting it right the first time is not.”


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