The Vision Create Team and all it’s Successes

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Sitting as a customer recently at an establishment I have watched grow from a small, unique, driven enterprise to a full-fledged successful can’t-keep-up-with-the-demand (yes, good problem to have) thriving business, I spoke to the shopkeepers about their work. This is what I uncovered and would love to share with you now.


The “Team” as it were behind it is a collection of individuals all with as many different ideas as backgrounds. Some young some more mature, some newly minted others with loads of experience, and some with simple desires/needs and yet others with grand designs. What, exactly, does that mean? Simple. They are as unique and exotic as their customers. What does that bring? Satisfaction to all they serve. How? Read on.


Within the chapters of my book, there is poignant reference to always remembering to enhance your team and therefore your work with a variety of individuals especially if you are attracting said variety in your customers. Make sense? It should. The idea is that customers will find their way to people they are comfortable with (what follows naturally is they are made to feel special) but, more importantly, your business will be continually refreshed and current and inspired the more ideas you create within. Those ideas can come at you as long as you are open to receiving them. Not always appropriate or viable, a sounding board nonetheless.


Alright, but let’s take a look at the example here. This establishment employs a little less than a dozen people. They all work very hard and very well together. A lively bunch, never any animosity that I can see and nothing but smiles and expert knowledge to parlay to their equally animated clientele. But its the element in the background. They have what is basically a Vision Create Team, one person who is incredibly imaginative and one that understands and can express. Together they work to design their product and service on a regular basis. The Vision that comes from Terry who is a part time shopkeeper is articulated to Sandy who runs the operation and makes it happen. It is superbly done. Fantastically executed. Why? Because they determined in the beginning that this will be the way they operate. And communication is the key. Having equal desire for success, everything is discussed never argued or unarticulated. What works works, what doesn’t doesn’t. Furthermore the customer service staff are questioned on a regular basis on new implementations, and they are also ‘heard’ when they have ideas and opinions. They are, after all, the ones with the most knowledge on how well it works.


Why have I not mentioned the name or type of business in this instance? Because it matters not. This is a principle for all of you to think about regardless of how many people you employ or different products or service you provide, or what your business philosophy is. Communication. Always. You never know where your next big idea or success will come from. That especially goes for those of you in small private business that want to excel above your large competition. Can you create your own Vision Team?


Work well in-house. It’s one of your greatest assets. Ask, question, try, learn. Together.

Up to you to take this to heart.