Never Losing Sight of Epicness

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I have recently spent time deep in conference sharpening my own skills and focusing on productivity and expression of talent/goals, yes ‘everyone’ needs constant reminders and inspiration, even the professionals. Spending time in conversation with Robin Sharma, a great thought leader here in Toronto, I am reminded of one of his expressions that I want to share with you, Dear Listener. It is simply this: “People do Business with People, not Companies.”


Let’s work on that for a moment. First and foremost if you've read my book you will understand why I wholeheartedly agree with that statement. But who, exactly, is the People behind the service to the customer? If you didn't notice let me point out that the quotation does not say ‘Person’. Of course, there is what I call the Front Line in any business that provides a product or service, they are the all-important face-to-face directly dealing with the consumer and are an incredibly important asset in your purpose. An asset all too often overlooked in terms of quality of time spent (and maintaining!) with many establishments. What about the rest of the team, all dancers?


Your business philosophy must imprint on all work and staff. Your team needs to be able to both understand and provide for the execution of impeccable work effort.  Of course if you don't really want to succeed and achieve your goals and be amazingly productive you can ignore this simple lesson. But if you truly want to express yourself and your business or company then you need to remember to never lose sight of Epicness and that comes from everyone in your organization. Make the statement for them and follow through. Be sure it is clear and be sure you are fully aware of how your customers are being treated, from top to bottom. In the words of Robin “Even the ‘lowest’ job offers the opportunity to demonstrate the highest ideals.” You can take that individual statement and apply it to your business incredibly effectively with respect to how you approach and treat your customers.


Let’s go back and visit Susan and the real-life Cafe & Bakery that appears in my stories. I had the honour of working with them again this past while and very happily reported back that (in my eyes) the true deserved success they were enjoying was clearly due to the effort from Top to Bottom, Front to Back. Literally. ALL aspects of my Fundamentals were in play, ALL staff were committed and on the same page, ALL gave their best for Customer but worked in a true team effort. They danced. Even if this sounds like a plug, seriously, how can you afford not to read my book on Customer Service?


Make this today YOUR inspiration. Make this the moment you commit to excellence in your field or business. Be the model of Epic Customer Service. Be Matt. Be Susan. Be a success. The customer will forget you as fast as you forgot them. I will leave you with this final quote from Robin….”Every moment in front of a customer is an opportunity to practice mastery and a chance to model the best of humanity.” Indeed.